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Bye-Bye Fear, Hello Quantum Leap

Indoor Sky Diving

Friday Funnies: IT’S 6:00PM AND I’M STILL WAITING at the airport for Alex, my ten year old nephew to arrive from the land of Eastern snows for a week’s holiday visit. His flight is quite delayed having stood, fully loaded on the tarmac for three hours pre-takeoff for de-icing. I’m expecting one sleepy, jet-lagged unaccompanied minor. Au contraire. When…

Friday Funnies– My Crazy Horse Impersonation

Nice Glasses

LEXIE, MY BEST GIRLFRIEND has a new boyfriend,  or so she thinks and she is devising a devious plot to test  drive him. She’ll be having him run the gauntlet of friend approval. As usual, I’m first in line and since I already know him and have approved, she’s moving on to phase two of…