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Why Shoe Shopping Is Good Therapy for Your Ego

Sperry Bliss Leopard™

Friday Funnies: I’LL DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING for a new pair of shoes, they don’t even have to be sexy heels, pretty much anything will do. I’m addicted you see. Over the years I have become a master… make that mistress Imelda of finding excuses to purchase new shoes. This time I’ve got a really good…

Visa Vamoose – Credit Card Fraud


AS I lean over to absorb the news on my iPad this morning, sipping a hot java and scratching myself somewhere only my cat knows for sure, I notice a headliner on the Huffington Post: Global Payments Security Breach: Firm Dropped By Visa After 1.5 Million Credit Card Numbers Possibly Exposed. ‘Wow’, I yawn to…