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Why Vacations and Internet Don’t Mix

Salt Island

IT’S CRAZY HOW HARD IT CAN BE to unplug from the internet for a vacation and even crazier how hard it is to jump back into the stream afterwards. We’re two days into our first Caribbean sailing trip and finally I’ve let go of posting blogs and tweeting. I have no choice, the internet service we…

Why Shoe Shopping Is Good Therapy for Your Ego

Sperry Bliss Leopard™

Friday Funnies: I’LL DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING for a new pair of shoes, they don’t even have to be sexy heels, pretty much anything will do. I’m addicted you see. Over the years I have become a master… make that mistress Imelda of finding excuses to purchase new shoes. This time I’ve got a really good…

Boomer Babe Goes Sailing With Captain Bill


FRIDAY FUNNIES: ‘SAILING LESSONS, that’s what I got you for your birthday”, Blue Eyes proudly declares. His face is so lit up I feel this is akin to getting La Perla lingerie for my birthday, a gift not without straps..er..strings attached. But I bite, the idea of captaining an elegant 37′ Beneteau through the Caribbean Isles does…