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Ménage à Trois – Is It Okay To Be Friends With Your Ex?

Hula Hoop

THE first thing I notice as I peek through the glass lobby door of the evening’s show venue is the lily-white skin of a woman’s bare derièrre. She has her back to me and is chatting up one of the guest in the lobby… Okay, she is wearing a teeny-tiny thong. Upon entering the lobby…

Blast From The Past – Can We Really Be Just Friends?

blast from the past

“ARGH, why didn’t you break up with your boyfriend before we went away!?  We could’ve… you know… I still lust for you.” Lexie, a newly divorced girlfriend indignantly recites this email snippet to me during an emergency phone pow-wow. It is the juicy part of correspondence just in from Tim, her handsome, charming male friend of…