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12 Ways Women Are Different from Men

Baby Boomer Couple

Guest Post: (NO, NOT THAT!) MEN AND WOMEN ARE equal under the law (at least that is the ideal). But when it comes to health, there are some big differences between the sexes. Here are 12 facts all women should know about how women’s health differs from men’s health: Heart. Heart disease is the leading cause of…

5 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Mojo

HIt It Hard

FRIDAY FUNNIES: THESE DAYS I AM HELL-BENT ON improving my fitness level, it’s as if a switch has flipped inside me setting off a deafening Alaaaaarm…ALAA-AAARM!!!! What precipitated this, you ask? Fear. I’ve discovered that most of my favorite jeans no longer fit and that no matter how I much I tuck my junk and…