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How I Broke Through My Biggest Fear Barrier – Public Speaking


Friday Funnies: IT’S 7:00AM AND I’M LYING IN BED WONDERING why this hard knot in the pit of my stomach won’t leave me alone. This morning is the going away party for my boss, Theresa and I’ve got a really short and sweet speech planned for her. It’ll be witty, entertaining and I’ll project that…

Are You Overweight? If Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder – How Do See Yourself?


FRIDAY FUNNIES: PATIENTLY WAITING MY TURN at the busy Whole Foods meat counter, my zen is jolted by the loud laments of the overweight pretty lady beside me “You’re serving everybody else before me because I’m overweight” she whines to the poor fellow hurriedly flinging chicken thighs about behind the counter. “I know because whenever…

Damn the Torpedoes – My Breast Adventures with Plastic Surgery

Look At Me

  I USED TO keep my breasts in a drawer. No it’s not quite what you think…I’ll explain. At twenty-five, drawn in by the glamorous allure, I decided on a modeling career. Back then I had to lie about my age to get any work since at that advanced stage in my life I was…