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Is Over 50 Too Old for Sexy Photos?

French Brothel Woman

Friday Funnies: ”WE DON’T SELF-DESTRUCT AFTER 50 YOU KNOW”, I tell Sporty Sue, my Boomer Chick friend as I suggest she consider hiring a professional photographer to take sensual photos of her. Sue and her hubby, Sam just polished off a delicious dinner at our place and several bottles of local wine have mysteriously evaporated….

Ex Hex – Divorce And Being The New Woman


SOME THINGS just drive me to drinking and no, it ain’t my hot… rod… Lincoln. It’s not even the exes that pass on by in my life. it’s the unquenchable thirst for revenge, at all cost that is so often co-created when married couples part. “Heav’n has no rage, like love to hatred turn’d, nor…

The Inspection – Safe Sex Episode 3


SO NOW that you know it’s maybe not such a good idea to engage in bareback sex (without a condom) when you’re playing the dating game and you know to take a close look at your lover’s twig and berries before you get to the point of no return… Let’s take a look at what, exactly you…

Doing It With The Lights On – Be Aware of STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections)

Standing Bow

IT’S TRUE, SOMETIMES YOU DON’T necessarily always want to see everything, much less show everything when you’re seriously getting it on with someone. Yes, indeed, it’s much easier to fantasize about being with George Clooney or Daniel Craig instead of lovin’ The One You’re With when the lights are low BUT… do discreetly sneak a…

Hands On The Wheel – More On Safe Sex

At The Wheel

STAY tuned for Episode 2 of the Safe Sex For Boomer Chicks videos with gynecologist extraordinaire, Dr. Wilf Steinberg coming up later today! If you missed the first episode please take a moment and have a look on my prior post with video ‘Russian Roulette, Anyone?‘ Know how to watch out for those humps in…

Blast From The Past – Can We Really Be Just Friends?

blast from the past

“ARGH, why didn’t you break up with your boyfriend before we went away!?  We could’ve… you know… I still lust for you.” Lexie, a newly divorced girlfriend indignantly recites this email snippet to me during an emergency phone pow-wow. It is the juicy part of correspondence just in from Tim, her handsome, charming male friend of…