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Are Your Cats Psychic Too? | vet

Pretty Kitty

FRIDAY FUNNIES: MY KITTIES ARE PSYCHIC, they have an uncanny way of making themselves invisible when I’m fixing to take them to the vet. I’ve  just discreetly pulled out their cozy, blanket lined pet carriers without them seeing and poof, Louis The Lover and Miss Kitty have vamoosed. Just a minute ago Louis was lounging…

Deer Conundrum – Love ‘em or Shoot ‘em

Gardening Tools

SUNDAY SMIRK: SHORT OF GETTING A SHOTGUN I have tried just about everything to save my pretty plants from being eaten alive by deer. Our place is swarming with deer, you see. When Blue Eyes and I found this home surrounded by the natural vegetation of uninhabited land we fell in love with it. Even…