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How I Broke Through My Biggest Fear Barrier – Public Speaking


Friday Funnies: IT’S 7:00AM AND I’M LYING IN BED WONDERING why this hard knot in the pit of my stomach won’t leave me alone. This morning is the going away party for my boss, Theresa and I’ve got a really short and sweet speech planned for her. It’ll be witty, entertaining and I’ll project that…

Bye-Bye Fear, Hello Quantum Leap

Indoor Sky Diving

Friday Funnies: IT’S 6:00PM AND I’M STILL WAITING at the airport for Alex, my ten year old nephew to arrive from the land of Eastern snows for a week’s holiday visit. His flight is quite delayed having stood, fully loaded on the tarmac for three hours pre-takeoff for de-icing. I’m expecting one sleepy, jet-lagged unaccompanied minor. Au contraire. When…

How I Challenged My Fear and Won

Crow's Nest

FRIDAY FUNNIES: MY FEAR IS LIKE A STONE WALL waiting to be scaled with bare hands and as my first day out sailing as a brand new Captain on San Francisco Bay draws nigh, I have visions of clambering up icy Mt Everest. Arriving at the pier on the big day I am thankful Blue…