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How I Broke Through My Biggest Fear Barrier – Public Speaking


Friday Funnies: IT’S 7:00AM AND I’M LYING IN BED WONDERING why this hard knot in the pit of my stomach won’t leave me alone. This morning is the going away party for my boss, Theresa and I’ve got a really short and sweet speech planned for her. It’ll be witty, entertaining and I’ll project that…

# 1 Way To Set Your Mojo On Fire – Dance Like No One Is Watching

July 4 Sparkle

VERY RECENTLY I SERIOUSLY SCARED MYSELF SILLY and while I do make it a point to scare myself on a daily basis, this one was a hair raiser. No, I didn’t join toastmasters and start a public speaking career though this is definitely on my terror bucket list list. It was something completely different. In…