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My Mother: the Female Indiana Jones

Barbara Indiana

Guest Post: AS I HAVE MENTIONED A FEW TIMES in this blog (ObsidianMirrorBlog) , I wrote “The Obsidian Mirror” based on American archetypes. I am no expert on Native American folklore, but perhaps I know a little bit more than the average person because my mother was an archeologist specializing in southwestern Native American cultures….

Doing It With The Lights On – Be Aware of STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections)

Standing Bow

IT’S TRUE, SOMETIMES YOU DON’T necessarily always want to see everything, much less show everything when you’re seriously getting it on with someone. Yes, indeed, it’s much easier to fantasize about being with George Clooney or Daniel Craig instead of lovin’ The One You’re With when the lights are low BUT… do discreetly sneak a…