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The Inspection – Safe Sex Episode 3


SO NOW that you know it’s maybe not such a good idea to engage in bareback sex (without a condom) when you’re playing the dating game and you know to take a close look at your lover’s twig and berries before you get to the point of no return… Let’s take a look at what, exactly you…

Doing It With The Lights On – Be Aware of STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections)

Standing Bow

IT’S TRUE, SOMETIMES YOU DON’T necessarily always want to see everything, much less show everything when you’re seriously getting it on with someone. Yes, indeed, it’s much easier to fantasize about being with George Clooney or Daniel Craig instead of lovin’ The One You’re With when the lights are low BUT… do discreetly sneak a…

Russian Roulette, Anyone? – Condom Conundrum


  WHAT was your worst fear, as young woman, when you were kicking up your heels with your condom-less lover? I’ll bet my weighted hula hoop it wasn’t herpes, HIV, or even VD, as we used to call it. I’ll tell you what my worst fear was… getting pregnant! Honestly, I can’t remember one single…