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All Hot and Bothered… Is the Gym Working Out for You?

Wrist Weights

ALAN, OUR BUCKY BODY SCULPT class instructor at the gym makes me do bad things. After my 5,000th lunge at the cardio sculpt class I’m dripping sweat and trying desperately to refrain from panting and grunting too loudly. Luckily I’m not the only sweat soaked Boomer Chick trying to keep her mojo in this 7:00am stupid o’clock…

5 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Mojo

HIt It Hard

FRIDAY FUNNIES: THESE DAYS I AM HELL-BENT ON improving my fitness level, it’s as if a switch has flipped inside me setting off a deafening Alaaaaarm…ALAA-AAARM!!!! What precipitated this, you ask? Fear. I’ve discovered that most of my favorite jeans no longer fit and that no matter how I much I tuck my junk and…