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Parking Faux-Pas – How I Got Sweet Revenge

Oh, Rats

FRIDAY FUNNIES: HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED HOW SOME PEOPLE ‘accidentally’ ding your car door with theirs when they get out of their car? It drives me batty because I treat my cars like the princess chariots that they are. Just as I exit Whole Foods, a very nice bottle of Chardonnay in hand I spot a…

The Power of Intention and The New Me

A thousand Desires

FRIDAY FUNNIES: I FINALLY DID IT. Actually, it wasn’t really me, it was the Power of Intention that did it. I got myself a pretty new car… What the heck am I clucking about, you ask? Was it not lil’ ole’ me that drove out to the dealership and drove off with shiny new wheels?…