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Guest Post: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Losing Weight


  WE HAVE BEEN TOLD for decades that losing weight was simple: eat fewer calories and exercise more so that you burn more calories than you consume. Right. If losing weight was simple, don’t you think that we would all be slender? But those of us who have struggled with weight loss, those of us who…

No Wrong Moves – How Cancer Made Me A Killer Belly Dancer

Sabine Sevan

FUNERALS GIVE ME THE GIGGLES… The last one I attended found me tightly clutching the hand of a terribly handsome young man I barely knew who just happened to be seated next to me. We were both unsuccessfully suppressing the mad giggles and the tighter I squeezed his hand the worse it got. The funeral…

The Inspection – Safe Sex Episode 3


SO NOW that you know it’s maybe not such a good idea to engage in bareback sex (without a condom) when you’re playing the dating game and you know to take a close look at your lover’s twig and berries before you get to the point of no return… Let’s take a look at what, exactly you…