My Mother: the Female Indiana Jones

Barbara Indiana

Guest Post: AS I HAVE MENTIONED A FEW TIMES in this blog (ObsidianMirrorBlog) , I wrote “The Obsidian Mirror” based on American archetypes. I am no expert on Native American folklore, but perhaps I know a little bit more than the average person because my mother was an archeologist specializing in southwestern Native American cultures….

How Was My First Time? Oh Behave…

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.37.40 PM

 Belly Dance Solo YouTube Video Friday Funnies: OUR BELLY DANCE TROUPE IS UP FIRST and before I can say “shimmy this”, the next troupe is already on stage and halfway through an aerobic Macedonian jig.  We’re doing a benefit for the Martin Luther King Diversity Day show at a church and I’m enjoying the show…

Is Over 50 Too Old for Sexy Photos?

French Brothel Woman

Friday Funnies: ”WE DON’T SELF-DESTRUCT AFTER 50 YOU KNOW”, I tell Sporty Sue, my Boomer Chick friend as I suggest she consider hiring a professional photographer to take sensual photos of her. Sue and her hubby, Sam just polished off a delicious dinner at our place and several bottles of local wine have mysteriously evaporated….

Bye-Bye Fear, Hello Quantum Leap

Indoor Sky Diving

Friday Funnies: IT’S 6:00PM AND I’M STILL WAITING at the airport for Alex, my ten year old nephew to arrive from the land of Eastern snows for a week’s holiday visit. His flight is quite delayed having stood, fully loaded on the tarmac for three hours pre-takeoff for de-icing. I’m expecting one sleepy, jet-lagged unaccompanied minor. Au contraire. When…

Hair Extension Hell, Is It Really Worth It?

Geisha Girls

I HAVE TO SHARE THIS EMAIL WITH YOU from my dear fellow Boomer Chick friend, Sporty Sue about her mishap with hair extensions. I crack up every time I read it. You know the lengths we ladies will go to to retain our girlish looks? Well, sneak a peek at this email….(italics are mine): Hi…

12 Ways Women Are Different from Men

Baby Boomer Couple

Guest Post: (NO, NOT THAT!) MEN AND WOMEN ARE equal under the law (at least that is the ideal). But when it comes to health, there are some big differences between the sexes. Here are 12 facts all women should know about how women’s health differs from men’s health: Heart. Heart disease is the leading cause of…

Saying “No” To Christmas Presents

Christmas Hearts

Friday Funnies: THIS CHRISTMAS I MADE A PACT WITH BLUE EYES that we would skip buying presents for each other. No way were we going to fall victim to the constant Christmas Hullabaloo and its associated pressure and guilt. We’re saving our cash for our next sailing adventure and that’s that. The incessant Christmas carols playing at…

How I Challenged My Fear and Won

Crow's Nest

FRIDAY FUNNIES: MY FEAR IS LIKE A STONE WALL waiting to be scaled with bare hands and as my first day out sailing as a brand new Captain on San Francisco Bay draws nigh, I have visions of clambering up icy Mt Everest. Arriving at the pier on the big day I am thankful Blue…