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My Mother: the Female Indiana Jones

Barbara Indiana

Guest Post: AS I HAVE MENTIONED A FEW TIMES in this blog (ObsidianMirrorBlog) , I wrote “The Obsidian Mirror” based on American archetypes. I am no expert on Native American folklore, but perhaps I know a little bit more than the average person because my mother was an archeologist specializing in southwestern Native American cultures….

Exorcising Mommy – When You Start To Look Like Your Mother

Love mommy

MY FRIEND, Theresa’s eyes are searching my face for a hint of reaction, I just ran into her and noticed something was completely different. She has shorn off her magnificent long red locks and is now sporting a short ‘n’ sassy lil’ do. Most gals would have felt a touch apprehensive about diving into this…

Pump Up The Volume – When Aging Parents Need Hearing Aids

Hearing aid

‘I GUESS your grandmother was right, Pussycat’, my mother ruefully admits in the car on the way to get fitted for a hearing aid. “That certain something that annoys you about another person is exactly what will afflict you.” After years of kvetching about having to constantly repeat herself to my father, my mother’s ear infection…