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Beauty Tip: Say ‘No’ to Joan Crawford Eyebrows

Joan Crawford

I’VE JUST FINISHED DOING A BEAUTY MAKEOVER for my friend, Sue and since three quarters of the cosmetics in her makeup bag didn’t make my discerning cut, we happily trot off to the local mega beauty supply store. There’s something about shopping with a girlfriend that just bears the promise of a good laugh. The…

Is Over 50 Too Old for Sexy Photos?

French Brothel Woman

Friday Funnies: ”WE DON’T SELF-DESTRUCT AFTER 50 YOU KNOW”, I tell Sporty Sue, my Boomer Chick friend as I suggest she consider hiring a professional photographer to take sensual photos of her. Sue and her hubby, Sam just polished off a delicious dinner at our place and several bottles of local wine have mysteriously evaporated….

Hair Extension Hell, Is It Really Worth It?

Geisha Girls

I HAVE TO SHARE THIS EMAIL WITH YOU from my dear fellow Boomer Chick friend, Sporty Sue about her mishap with hair extensions. I crack up every time I read it. You know the lengths we ladies will go to to retain our girlish looks? Well, sneak a peek at this email….(italics are mine): Hi…

Are Your Cats Psychic Too? | vet

Pretty Kitty

FRIDAY FUNNIES: MY KITTIES ARE PSYCHIC, they have an uncanny way of making themselves invisible when I’m fixing to take them to the vet. I’ve  just discreetly pulled out their cozy, blanket lined pet carriers without them seeing and poof, Louis The Lover and Miss Kitty have vamoosed. Just a minute ago Louis was lounging…

Are You Overweight? If Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder – How Do See Yourself?


FRIDAY FUNNIES: PATIENTLY WAITING MY TURN at the busy Whole Foods meat counter, my zen is jolted by the loud laments of the overweight pretty lady beside me “You’re serving everybody else before me because I’m overweight” she whines to the poor fellow hurriedly flinging chicken thighs about behind the counter. “I know because whenever…

Friday Funnies: Spray On Sex Appeal – My Tanning Drama

coffin tan

WHY DO I NEVER NOTICE WHEN someone else’s legs are totally white but when mine are, God help me. I used to be so obsessed about this that I simply would not be caught dead wearing anything short without a tan. As a model I was painfully aware that summer fashion shoots happened in the…

Nip and Tuck, Anyone? – Boomer Chicks and Cosmetic Surgery

Blonde Beauty

    AS I LOVINGLY KISS EACH PASSING DECADE GOODBYE  and enter a the next one I observe a bittersweet kind of relief  flowing through me. My whole being relaxes as the self-imposed pressure of having to look a certain way, whatever that may be for that particular decade vanishes into thin air. Welcoming in the…

Mirror, Mirror Off The Wall – Plastic Surgery or Italy?

Screen Shot 2012-05-19 at 9.58.57 PM

“DON’T GO UNDER the knife, go to Italy where men appreciate older women“, offers my friend Pam as we step into the convention hotel lobby in search for a much deserved glass of wine. These are words of wisdom shared by one of her female friends who recently returned from an obviously ‘lucky’ trip to Europe. Pam’s ‘go…