About Hotwire Your Life®

LOVE yourself and the world will love you

SEE the beauty in everything and you will be beautiful

BE true to yourself and the truth will appear

ALWAYS play on the edge and adventure will be all around you

SHARE your love and joy will be yours

NEVER hold back and the world is yours

                                                        -Esmée SJ 

“OH, just like that, huh?”, you ask and I say “yes, live by it and you will find yourself on an unstoppable journey to your magnificent self.”

Okay, there is a wee trick to it. By substituting all the ‘you’s’ for me’s’ in the above quote and using the present tense, there is a powerful shift in the intention of it, e.g. ‘I love myself and the world loves me’. See? No longer is it yet another burdening call to action, another finger -pointing‘should’. You are, instead effortlessly affirming it for yourself. Kinda cool, ain’t it?

Dwelling on one or two of the above lines before the day takes me away or whenever I feel an unpleasant thought rolling my way helps bring me back to how simple it really is to just smile. From the inside.

At this point in our lives you and I have both navigated through an obscene number of obstacles. Now we face a host of new, improved challenges. So now what?

By creating Hotwire Your Life® – Mojo For Boomer Chicks® I’ve created a new intention – to inspire like-minded fellow boomer chicks like you to dive beneath the surface and find new life. It is by allowing ourselves to stand firmly in our truth that we can embrace the goddesses that we are and swim elegantly on.

Let this blog be a place for us to laugh, live, feel, express and share. Did I say, live? I meant, LIVE, out loud, Sister!

Courage my love,

Esmée St James