About Me

EVER wonder why the 50‘s catchphrase ‘Only her hairdresser knows for sure’ became so famous? It’s mission impossible to resist revealing your deepest secrets to someone who is gently stroking your hair and listening to you.

With a background as professional model I’ve spent many happy hours sharing my own gory details with hair and make-up artists I barely knew because, well, there they were rhythmically coaxing it all out of me, hairbrush in hand…

For a while I thought it was just me, but after finding myself at the other end of the blow dryer as a professional hair and makeup artist, I discovered I could not be more mistaken. Simply being in a person’s personal energy field really does turbo-charge that trust/intimacy connection.

I was astonished at the juicy tidbits total strangers were spilling just because, well, there I was leaning in, sweetly smoothing on shimmery powders. How could I resist following my natural passion for helping women empower themselves when so many have entrusted me, allowing me a glimpse through the doorway to their inner selves. By default I have kind of become a personal confidante and beauty coach.

Add to all that a long stint as a portrait photographer, just me, my subject, the camera and that brush again… imagine the stories! Why, I could write a book, er, blog.

Being a baby boomer chick who’s been around both the block and the mulberry bush and is still turning heads I thought it only fair to continue doing what I love most.

Only this time I’ve traded my tools of the trade for the power of words, sharing my passion for helping fellow boomer chicks who want to keep their mojo.

After all, turning heads is not about being forever twenty-one (how dull), it’s all about style and attitude.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and participating in Hotwire Your Life® – Mojo For Boomer Chicks® as much as I enjoy writing it!

Esmée St James