Is Over 50 Too Old for Sexy Photos?

photosFriday Funnies: ”WE DON’T SELF-DESTRUCT AFTER 50 YOU KNOW”, I tell Sporty Sue, my Boomer Chick friend as I suggest she consider hiring a professional photographer to take sensual photos of her. Sue and her hubby, Sam just polished off a delicious dinner at our place and several bottles of local wine have mysteriously evaporated.

The photo shoot idea all starts when Sue asks to see my old modeling portfolio. Obliging, I return from my lair with the relic, wiping off the dust with my black hostess attire. We pore over the photos which include various fashion magazine spreads, advertisements, fashion shoots and a yes, few scantily clad creative shots. The usual stuff. To me, that is.“How was it, posing for those nude shots?”, inquires Sue. Abruptly, the eye glazing techno-geek conversation Blue Eyes and Sam were deeply engrossed in comes to a hard stop. Everybody is looking at me, nobody is blinking.

photos“It was okay, Sue, the hardest part was that back then I was so very critical of my own body.” Then Sam chimes in, “You must have grown a pretty thick skin while modeling”. “I did, to a degree but it wasn’t until I got well into my forties that I really became comfortable in my own skin.” I reveal.  “Isn’t it silly that when my figure was at its supposed best, I disliked it the most?”

“Yeah, I took some really beautiful, erotic black and white photos of Sue quite a while back. We should hang them up!” Sam offers. “Remember the time, Sue, when you were wearing that lacy… ouch!!” Sam’s sentence hangs in mid-air, he’s rubbing his freshly kicked shin. Sue is glaring at him.

“I had a much better figure then but I didn’t think anything of it.” Sue admits. “I guess it’s kind of nice to see my old nude photos to remind myself of how good I looked back then.”

Dare I challenge Sue to hire a professional to take some updated erotic shots of her, for Sam, perhaps? Men are very visually stimulated, why not take advantage of that?

Before I can voice my thought Sue picks it up telepathically. “I don’t look good enough now to do nude shots now so I’m glad I have the old ones.” She continues a bit ruefully, “Sharon from work would be perfect for sexy photos, she’s a mom in her 40’, a Cross Fit maniac and her body is totally ripped.”

Whipping out her iPhone, Sue inquires, “want to see a photo of her?” Of course I do, we all do… Immediately we lurch over to Sue’s side, squabbling for a better vantage point to absorb the photo of Sharon. She is squatting in a very tiny red two piece workout affair while hoisting a rather heavily laden barbell overhead. Sharon is, indeed, a total hottie.

photosThe ensuing debate about whether women of baby boomer vintage are still photographable is rapidly gaining headway. But for some reason Sam keeps going on about an erotic photo shoot for Sharon, who is not a Boomer Chick. He seems to be somehow missing the point.

“We don’t self-destruct after 50”, I remind Sue. Women are beautiful at all ages and are always photographable. There is something really sexy about laugh lines around a woman’s eyes and mouth, something deeply seductive and knowing about the strong, confident look in an older woman’s eye. Especially if she takes good care of herself.

That certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that comes with life experience is not reproducible by a young woman.

photosThe younger European men are definitely on to this. In Italy and France baby boomer women are sought after romantically by younger men for their self-assuredness and for what they have to say. Plus Boomer Chicks are just plain isn’t it that European society is much less preoccupied with drastically rejuvenating cosmetic surgery measures than North American culture is?

With so much social pressure to look younger no wonder it is more challenging for a North American woman to keep her mojo as she ages. I’m carefully working Sporty Sue (wait… I think I’ll start calling her Sexy Sue) over, I’m on the verge of convincing her to book a sexy photo shoot for herself.

Sam interrupts, he can no longer contain himself, “Sue, have you got any more photos of Sharon?… OUCH!!!” He’s now cradling the other shin. Doh!

Actually, Sam just proved my point, if Sue were showing us recently shot seductive photos of herself, he’d be every inch as interested to see them.

Sharon who?

photosEsmée St James

I’d rather regret the things I have done than the things that I haven’t. –Lucille Ball

Photo credits: Nude and Brothel Woman – Musée de l’Eroticisme

2 other photos from my dusty old portfolio: Cowprint – Don Miller

                                                                                         Raincoat – Unknown