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Friday Funnies– My Crazy Horse Impersonation

Nice Glasses

LEXIE, MY BEST GIRLFRIEND has a new boyfriend,  or so she thinks and she is devising a devious plot to test  drive him. She’ll be having him run the gauntlet of friend approval. As usual, I’m first in line and since I already know him and have approved, she’s moving on to phase two of…

Ladies, Start Your Engines – Which Car Does a Boomer Chick Crave?

Mustang Essie

Please fill out this BOOMER CHICK CAR SURVEY This could be the start of a whole new movement for car options for women… WHILE  NAVIGATING RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC INTO TOWN I CAN MAKE out the sound of Aretha Franklin’s  ‘Rock Steady’ blasting louder and clearer as I move along. Wondering who else has such fabulous taste in music, I look around…

Friday Funnies: Spray On Sex Appeal – My Tanning Drama

coffin tan

WHY DO I NEVER NOTICE WHEN someone else’s legs are totally white but when mine are, God help me. I used to be so obsessed about this that I simply would not be caught dead wearing anything short without a tan. As a model I was painfully aware that summer fashion shoots happened in the…