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# 1 Way To Set Your Mojo On Fire – Dance Like No One Is Watching

July 4 Sparkle

VERY RECENTLY I SERIOUSLY SCARED MYSELF SILLY and while I do make it a point to scare myself on a daily basis, this one was a hair raiser. No, I didn’t join toastmasters and start a public speaking career though this is definitely on my terror bucket list list. It was something completely different. In…

Nip and Tuck, Anyone? – Boomer Chicks and Cosmetic Surgery

Blonde Beauty

    AS I LOVINGLY KISS EACH PASSING DECADE GOODBYE  and enter a the next one I observe a bittersweet kind of relief  flowing through me. My whole being relaxes as the self-imposed pressure of having to look a certain way, whatever that may be for that particular decade vanishes into thin air. Welcoming in the…