Visa Vamoose – Credit Card Fraud


AS I lean over to absorb the news on my iPad this morning, sipping a hot java and scratching myself somewhere only my cat knows for sure, I notice a headliner on the Huffington Post: Global Payments Security Breach: Firm Dropped By Visa After 1.5 Million Credit Card Numbers Possibly Exposed.

‘Wow’, I yawn to myself, 1.5 million people, sure would suck to be one of them. Feeling very safe and protected I forward the fraud story on to Blue Eyes in case he’s one of ‘them’.

No sooner have I moved onto the next news tidbit, slurping away, (I like my coffee very hot) than my phone starts to buzz with a text message. “Now who the heck would dare text me at this ridiculous hour”, I wonder. After all, it is only 9am. Crack of dawn…


So I peek curiously at my very smart phone… the text now has my full attention. It reads:
“Chase fraud: did you attempt $210.39 at a grocery store or supermarket on 04/02? If yes reply 1, if not reply 2.”

Urgently pressing #2 I trip over my fluffy feral feline on the way to the computer to check my Visa card activity. Something I generally am reluctant to do.

Another text from the credit card company rolls in:

“Chase: We are calling you immediately on this possible fraud.”

Egads, I spot a slew of charges on my recent card activity from places I’ve never even heard of!

Imagine that, one minute I’m having a hot cuppa and the next – Whammo! Slick as a penny though a vending machine, somebody’s out there buying shoes I’ll never wear and I paid for them!!fraud

As I’m on the phone with the Visa fraud department, reviewing the numerous fraudulent charges the nice lady notes, “There’s a charge for $135.42 at a kareoke place in London England”. “Miss” I splutter “I’m still in my sweats…” (Liar, I’m wearing the shirt Blue Eyes had on last night and nothing else).  “I haven’t even left the house yet!”

After settling everything with the credit card company I now feel great appreciation for their efficiency. In one fell swoop, all the fraudulent charges are dismissed and despite being one of ‘them’ I once again feel very safe and protected.  A new credit card is already on its way to my hot little hands.

By now my coffee is cold, but my credit is safe…

fraudEsmee SJ



Photos from: Suburban Solutions/ Fortumo/DTardif